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From: Patrick Wiggins (
Date: Sat Feb 07 2009 - 22:58:56 UTC

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    Here's a suggestion for the list.
    I'm on many lists and sort them by the list they come from before  
    reading.  That's easy to do for the other lists because they all  
    include some sort of identifier in the subject line.  Examples being:
    Subject: [Utah-astronomy] Search for Comit Kushida
    Subject: [CCD-astrometry-photometry] Photometry During DST
    Subject: [LCROSS_OBS: 278] Re: Added Page
    Subject: [Aavso-photometry] vsnet-alert 11010
    Subject: [SoftBisqUser] Re: Alignment Aids
    Subject: [paramount] Science Meets Art
    Whereas a typical Seesat message shows up like this one that arrived  
    Subject: I am a video observer!
    With a subject like that it could fit in virtually any of the  
    astronomical lists I'm on.
    Without an identifier Seesat messages tend to end up in the non-sorted  
    section and sometimes get overlooked.
    Could the prefix [Seesat] be added to the subject line on all messages  
    the list sends out?
    Thanks for your consideration.
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