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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 00:47:35 UTC

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    I admit many lists do this, but I'm (mildly) against the practice, and
    why:  there are already headers that identify that mail is coming from the
    Seesat mailing list, and almost any mail reader can use these to group
    messages together (I use the Resent-From header to split Seesat messages
    into their own folder, but Gmail offers labels to group mail, and other mail
    readers I'm sure offer similar features).  When I'm looking at a mailbox 
    (folder), the information I have is the name of the mailbox, the name of the
    sender, and the subject, and using part of the subject to convey the same
    information as I've already extracted as the name of the mailbox often
    truncates the subject to something less informative.
    Mine does not do this..
    In fact this message came as...
    " Chris Jones      RE: List suggestion "
    I am in the same boat as Patrick.. A Header would be nice..
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