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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 19:08:07 UTC

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    ***Since I was unlikely to please everyone, or even a significant majority,
    and given that fairly simple alternatives are commonly available, I decided
    to please myself, and stay with the status quo.***
    I can understand that, Ted, as an owner, moderator, or subscriber to 2 dozen
    ***If you got that impression from the recent, mostly light-hearted threads
    on binoculars vs. video, then please understand that there is no real
    controversy among positional observers regarding targets or methods. Those
    threads started with a complete misunderstanding of a comment by someone in
    an article, and then took on a life of their own. Mostly, people were just
    kidding around; unfortunately that can lead to misunderstandings.***
    Oh Brother.. 
    Yeah I have only been in this group a couple of months and many people know
    me, for better or worse.. I live in email and I do not hold my tongue.. I
    have a lot of great Mentors, but I still can't grasp the wisdom of "walking
    away".. And I was just fine migrating to lurking, until I read the above
    What's to misunderstand??? How did I misinterpret the multiple insults of
    being a prima dona from people who know jack about me (or anyone else)???
    I don't believe it has dawned on people the damage this thread has done to
    this group..
    Why would a newcomer want to listen to or be subjected to this?
    Am I helping? Certainly not. This thread needs to DIE and when the dust
    settles, maybe everyone will still be in this group observing..
    But there is no misunderstanding...
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