RE: Iridium, Cosmos collide

From: Susan Kaltenbach (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 01:04:10 UTC

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    I'm very confused. 
    With all the tracking done by our military and our highly skilled See-Sat
    detectives, how could the collision have been a surprise? An important
    component of tracking is to predict orbital paths, is it not? The only thing
    that makes sense to me is some kind of sudden orbital change. 
    I hope I'm not off topic here, but I always assumed that observing,
    tracking, and predicting objects in orbit were all strongly associated. And
    I'm pretty stunned by the whole thing.
    Susan Kaltenbach
    PS - I haven't been receiving FPSPACE messages and I'm starved for
    information. I hope it's just me and that their server isn't down.
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