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Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 00:08:08 UTC

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    > The suggestion was also made that it would be of value if several observers
    > described their approaches to observing and illustrated it with pictures etc on
    > the SeeSat website so that new readers could see the options available.
    > Again "somebody" will have to do it.
    > The problem is our "somebody" is "nobody" - I dont think I originated that :-))
    > Cheers
    > Greg
    > Anyway Im just reporting what I gathered from my unsuccesful efforts to arouse
    > interest in positional work,
    Hi Greg
    Actually I don't mind helping with updating the FAQs if nobody else is prepared to do it.  Though I would point out there are many better-qualified than me to do the job.  If I could help someone by describing in print how I observe satellites then I'll do it.
    On the wider issue of the FAQs, updating them would be eminently
    achieveable if the task was split between members, rather than leaving
    it up to one or two.  With important developments happening in space exploration now seems like a good time to update the FAQs to help new observers.  
    Just a thought...
    Best wishes
    Bruce MacDonald
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    Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
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