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Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 14:11:45 UTC

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    Greg Roberts said:
    "SeeSat was boring",
    "the FAQ was out of date"
    "no discussion of techniques etc".
    "use was not being made generally of new technology etc"
    :O)) No no no, Greg didn't say that but boy have I heard and read similar
    discussion myself. I would like to contribute to the FAQ's but my
    contribution would have to be esoteric, as I don't have the technical
    knowhow for orbital determination etc. If someone will take the lead, I will
    be happy to write up any part I can, as directed. Perhaps I can discuss
    beginner techniques, visual only, urban observing with everything from naked
    eye to a large Dob. 
    My impression is that the FAQ has mainly temporal faults:
    1. Obsolete - broken links and references
    2. Outdated - discussion of Mir as an example
    3. Outmoded - little discussion of newer techniques like <gulp> CCD and
    4. Old fashioned - the look and feel of the FAQ's and much of the software
    referenced will not impress newer readers
    I can't help with much other than newer anecdotes from more recent events. I
    would like to expand the sections on flashing and flaring geosats.
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336: +36.128, -95.988, 650ft ASL 
    ACT Observatory
    COSPAR 8335: +35.8311, -96.1411, 1100ft ASL
    Adams Ranch
    COSPAR 8337: +36.937, -96.65, 700ft ASL
    Kenton, OK
    COSPAR 8338: +36.8978, -102.9522, 4400ft ASL
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