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From: George Roberts (
Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 14:30:56 UTC

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    > contribution would have to be esoteric, as I don't have the technical
    > knowhow for orbital determination etc. If someone will take the lead, I will
    Most of the "technical" information is where to find software, and what kind of 
    stopwatch to buy.  I think most of us could handle that.
    I think it would be fantastic if it were a wiki.  That way we could all edit the 
    faq.  A wiki is editable by anyone but it maintains a history and source control 
    so that if someone vandalizes a page it takes one click of the mouse to fix it. 
    If the the vandalism is subtle it is still easily noticed because the wiki shows 
    all incremental edits.  It will do a "difference" of any two versions plus it 
    keeps track of who made the edits and so on.  Also people who care about a page 
    get email notifications when the page is updated.  After an initial few weeks 
    with lots of changes I expect the FAQ (and the rest of the site) would settle 
    down nicely.
    If it *was* a wiki I would fix quite a few things and add some diagrams (such as 
    screen shots of software and drawings of orbits).
    - George Roberts
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    > Greg Roberts said:
    > "SeeSat was boring",
    > "the FAQ was out of date"
    > "no discussion of techniques etc".
    > "use was not being made generally of new technology etc"
    > :O)) No no no, Greg didn't say that but boy have I heard and read similar
    > discussion myself. I would like to contribute to the FAQ's but my
    > be happy to write up any part I can, as directed. Perhaps I can discuss
    > beginner techniques, visual only, urban observing with everything from naked
    > eye to a large Dob.
    > My impression is that the FAQ has mainly temporal faults:
    > 1. Obsolete - broken links and references
    > 2. Outdated - discussion of Mir as an example
    > 3. Outmoded - little discussion of newer techniques like <gulp> CCD and
    > video
    > 4. Old fashioned - the look and feel of the FAQ's and much of the software
    > referenced will not impress newer readers
    > I can't help with much other than newer anecdotes from more recent events. I
    > would like to expand the sections on flashing and flaring geosats.
    > TULSA 1
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    > ACT Observatory
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    > Adams Ranch
    > COSPAR 8337: +36.937, -96.65, 700ft ASL
    > Kenton, OK
    > COSPAR 8338: +36.8978, -102.9522, 4400ft ASL
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