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Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 14:38:10 UTC

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    In trying to decide how I could help improve the FAQs, I went back over my
    original postings to this list and found a few points of interest that might
    be of use when "courting" new observers. This has more to do with the
    conduct of the users of this list than the FAQs.
    1. Acknowledge their presence. Although it seems trivial, I never received
    any response to:
    2. When they post items, respond to them. 
    Because of my first few posts basically being ignored, I remained a lurker
    until Nov 2005. Then I started getting some feedback, and it became a
    symbiotic relationship. That's 2 years folks...non-obsessed individuals will
    not invest that time.
    3. Numbers turn off newbies.
    I can't find the post (it may have been private) where I complained about
    messages with nothing but incomprehensible code in them. For a newbie, you
    may as well post machine code - it's just as interesting. And I'm JUST as
    guilty - I never take the time like Ed and others to try and share the
    wonder or meaning of what I've seen.
    So, my point is, the list postings are probably not going to interest anyone
    initially. They're boring, and often times errors or misunderstandings are
    met with derision (never helps) or constructive criticism, which should
    always be PRIVATE. So the wiki idea or improvement of the site
    seems to be crucial.
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