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Date: Mon Feb 16 2009 - 07:25:11 UTC

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    Ive had some feedback from readers and as a result of observations made last 
    night, so a slight update for those who track the 96*** objects.
    Status of #96002 and  #96127 have changed from "not observed " to "observed" - I 
    got both last night
    Change #96150 as follows
    96150 20066 89046A                         DSP F-14   USA 39
    It has been suggested to me that objects #96148 and #96149 are the two MiTEx 
    #96148 could possibly be the object called 91141 which is suspected of being  a 
    MiTEx as predictions for both put them quite close together in the sky.
    #96149 has an inclination considerably different from  #29240 but prior to the 
    move to intercept DSP F-23 which resulted in a big change in inclination , there 
    was  agreement so #96149 could be what the amateurs call 06024A #29240
    so it would appear there is a reasonable case for 96148 and 96149 being the two 
    MiTEx satellites.
    Now back to measuring :-(((
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