Re: Daytime Meteor or Satellite Debris??

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Feb 16 2009 - 08:48:34 UTC

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    When I watched the video (from the News 8 
    Austin website), I thought "daylight fireball".  
    Now I find reports that the FAA has changed 
    directions, with support from Stratcom or 
    whatever they're called, and are saying it 
    was a natural event.  Of course I wish I had
    seen it!  Anyway, here's a link to the report
    I mentioned above, followed by some quotes 
    from the story:
    > On Saturday, the FAA issued a notice for pilots 
    > to be on the lookout for falling space debris 
    > until further notice. On Sunday night, that 
    > notice was removed and being rewritten to 
    > attribute the concern to a “natural source.”
    > Both the U.S. Strategic Command and North 
    > American Aerospace Defense Command said the 
    > fireball seen across Central and South Texas 
    > at 11 a.m. Sunday had nothing to do with the 
    > remnants of the abandoned Russian satellite 
    > and a working satellite owned by U.S.-based 
    > Iridium Satellite LLC. They collided Tuesday.
    > STRATCOM has been following the debris field 
    > from the satellites since it was created and 
    > said it was nowhere near Texas. NORAD said 
    > it was not tracking any debris over North 
    > America at that time.
    I can't find the newer NOTAM cited above but 
    am not sure where best to look for one.
    Searching on the cited FAA spokesman's name, 
    Roland Herwig, I found another story, from AP, 
    that says:
    > "There is no correlation between the debris 
    > from that collision and those reports of 
    > re-entry," said Maj. Regina Winchester, with 
    > ...
    > The chief of Russia's Mission Control says 
    > clouds of debris from the collision will 
    > circle Earth for thousands of years and 
    > threaten numerous satellites. 
    Here's an ugly link to that story:
    Now just related to the satellite collision,
    this next story attributes quotes to Vladimir 
    Solovyov, as the chief of Russian Mission 
    'Space crash called "catastrophic," lots of 
    debris' --
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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