SkyMed 2 Flare

Date: Fri Feb 20 2009 - 01:09:26 UTC

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    Hi all:  Even with 50% cumulus cover, I managed to have a  successful 
    observation of Skymed 2 flare based on a CalSky flare alert  prediction.  2.19.09,  
    23:47:53 (UTC); conformed to prediction almost  exactly.  Max. mag. about -2.0 
    (hard to judge)  It was quite a  show to a novice, casual observer!
    From Alert:
    Flare from SAR-Panel   Magnitude=-1.7mag 
    Azimuth=233.0°  SW   altitude= 66.8°  in constellation Aries 
    Flare  angle=3.01°
    to flare center line, closest point →MapIt: Longitude=77.359°  W  
    Latitude=+39.188° (WGS84) Distance=36.2 km  Azimuth=282.6°  WNW
    Satellite above: longitude=79.1° W  latitude=+37.8°  height  above 
    Earth=627.4 km  distance to satellite=676.1 km 
    Altitude of  sun=-12.0°
    This is an experimental flare prediction. Brightness estimate may  be 
    unreliable. Please report a successful observation (Object/site  
    coordinates/date/measured time/accuracy/magnitude).
    Peter Gertson
    39.117N 76.95W / 425' 
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