Re: Mislabeled TLE?

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Fri Feb 20 2009 - 15:07:08 UTC

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    Ralph McConahy writes
    >I am wondering if anyone noticed this:
    >Catalog #33598 has parameters similar to Cosmos 2251 debris, and even
    >has the International number of 93-036.
    >However, it is labeled in SpaceTrack as "BREEZE M R/B".
    Yes I noticed this too.
    In fact, SpaceTrack released three elsets for #33598 = 09-007D, the
    Briz-M rocket of Ekspress AM-44, all for the same orbit on day 09045. It
    then produced an elset for a 93-063E, a piece of Cosmos 2251 debris.
    Note that #33757 is also called 93-063E and has a different orbit.
    Indeed, the #33598 = 93-063E elset appears to be for the object later
    designated #33770 = 93-063T.
    It is also the case that one earlier elset for 09-007D (for day 09044)
    appeared under #33755, but this has been superseded for this catalog
    number by three elsets for #33755 = 06-026WF, Cosmos 2421 deb.
    I suspect that SpaceTrack will eventually settle on #33598 = 09-007D =
    the Briz-M.
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