Date: Tue Feb 24 2009 - 19:53:05 UTC

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    bjoern wrote:
    Since the visibility area is restricted in latitude, and due to low 
    orbital height, the most active observers can be clouded out for weeks, 
    and the satellite very difficult to find again.
    If other observers can make approximate observations early enough, the 
    task of finding the new orbit is considerably simplified.
    exactly, might this not be a new mission for the lurkers et al?
    now if you can inform us from time to time which satellites is clouded 
    out or whatever we can  "make approximate observations early enough" and 
    at least help in this manner.
    this will surely stimulate the big group of lurkers (including myself) 
    to be more actively involved and make simple observations which might be 
    very accurate.
    It also perhaps create a sense of adding value to this group, instead of 
    just downloading classfd.tle and have no idea what to do with in order 
    to contribute sensibly.
    Gerhard Groenewald
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