RE: Geo sat's to internal power = time for them to go into shadow

From: Brad Young (
Date: Wed Feb 25 2009 - 14:37:16 UTC

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    Bjoern said:
    >I managed to reverse my thinking, but nobody complained yet!
    That's what I thought, but I didn't want to complain :O)
    In reference to Bjoern's other post about low accuracy work that could be
    done easily by people with less experience, two items came up last night. 
    One, 90070, a recently recovered classified object, was very early (I'll
    post positions later) and bright enough to be seen easily in binoculars.
    That would alert others to be wary when doing their searches. Another was, I
    saw a relatively new satellite SJ-6F (33409), and noticed it was steady. No
    surprise, really, as it is operational as far as I know, but it's always
    useful to see if new objects, especially rocket bodies, might be new
    tumbling or flashing objects.
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