Fw: ISS Tool Bag to pass Acrux.

From: Col Maybury (cma45714@bigpond.net.au)
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 04:34:01 UTC

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    At 20:40, Sunday March 1st, Australian Eastern Daylight Time, the ISS Tool 
    Bag should pass very close to Acrux, a binary star, the base and Alpha star 
    of the Southern Cross, Crux.
    At that time the kite-like Southern Cross will be horizontal in the 
    south-southeast from the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region of New South 
    Wales, Australia.
    Both Heavens Above.com and n2yo.com have details.
    This is a good opportunity for non specialised observers to see this unusual 
    satellite first photographed by Kevin Fetter of Ontario, Canada, in an 
    amazing piece of technical satellite observation.
    The ISS TB should be of 6.4 magnitude as it passes Acrux which puts it just 
    below naked eye viewing. Good binoculars trained on the double star Acrux 
    should see the glinting half metre tool bag pass across the field of view 
    weather permitting.
    I would suggest a comfortable chair and a steadying pole or post and watch 
    from 20:38 to 20:42 to allow for slight angular differences, and, choose as 
    dark a site as possible.
    Thankyou Kevin for the advice. Our officers are available for details. Brian 
    4998 6222, Greg 0438 668 051 or Col 4937 4664. Reports will be announced on 
    2NUR-FM Newcastle radio.
    Regards,  Col Maybury The Astronomical Society of the Hunter. 
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