Pieces of 09052C landed in Mongolia

From: Ted Molczan (ssl3molcz@rogers.com)
Date: Sat Feb 27 2010 - 01:24:11 UTC

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    Pieces of 09052C / 35939, which several list members observed a few hours
    prior to decay, are reported to have landed in Mongolia, "thirty kilometers
    to the northeast of Buren Soum, Tuv Province":
    <<<< According to a team comprising specialists from defense, emergency and
    astrology, who inspected the object, the two objects described by local
    people as meteoroids, were parts of U.S delivery rocket Delta-2. In
    particular, it was a liquid fuel tank of the rocket that was launched on
    September 25, 2009 from the Cape Canaveral's  station in Florida, the United
    States. The stainless steel object was 7.5-meter in diameter and had a
    number seal "02728" on it. >>>>
    A couple of earlier reports with additional photos:
    I estimate that the site of the fall is approximately 47.0 N, 105.2 E. Our
    final elset, available at the following URL, has the object passing close to
    the site within a few minutes of 03:32 UTC on Feb 19. The elements are based
    on observations by Tim Luton on Feb 18 near 23:30 UTC, and Jim Nix and Brad
    Young one rev later, on Feb 19 near 00:58 UTC.
    Ted Molczan
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