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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 12:33:16 -0500
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> Hi Kevin:
> Thank you for posting that information. I am in the market for a replacement for my 2004-vintage Nikon D70. Although I am not looking for an astrophotography-optimized camera, that information was still of interest.
> I use my D70 to photograph rocket and missile launches and for wide-field exposures up to about 10 seconds. The D70 has served me well, but I would like to take advantage of the advances in DSLR dynamic range, color rendition, resolution, and reduced noise.
> Regards,
> Brian Webb

I still have my D70.  But I use a D7000 now.  The most important feature 
of these newer cameras for astrophotography is the "live view" mode 
(which also lets you do videos) where you can do a digital zoom and live 
focus on a star.  None of my lenses seem to have "infinity" at the 
end-of-travel for the focusing so this "live view" mode is critical.

Instead of paying thousands for a camera with the infra-red filter 
removed you can instead have a professional do it for you for a small 
fee.  Some stores will let you order the camera with the filter already 
removed as a new, warrantied camera.

- George

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