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Hi Brooke:

Rather than create a long OT thread on SeeSat, I will make this my last post on this subject.

Thanks for sharing that dynamic range expansion technique. Although I have had good results with my Nikon D70, I do not like the overall color palette and color rendition (especially of dawn/dusk skies). With regards to the newer Nikon DSLRs in general, the images look electronic/over-processed. The Canon DSLRs seem to produce more pleasing images.

For what it's worth, here are a few links to space-related images taken with my D70:


Brian Webb

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>Hi Brian:
>You mentioned dynamic range.  A few years ago I spent some time trying to take HDR photos and even went as far as stacking.
>It turns out that the Nikon D300s has internal pre processed HDR and post procedded HDR, the pre process works pretty 
>well . . .
>But then found a far superior way, using RAW (NEF in the case of Nikon) files.  Once you have selected NEF as the output 
>file format you then have the option of changing the default 12 bits per color channel to 14 bits per color channel.  
>Since the default .jpg file format is limited to 8 bits per color channel that's an improvement of 6 bits and since each 
>bit is a stop that's the same as a 6 stop increase in dynamic range!!
>I've read that it's possible to turn of the Nikon noise reduction using their software but have not tried doing that.
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