Re: Huge fireball ovr India, Re-entry ?

From: Frank Reed via Seesat-l <>
Date: 27 Feb 2015 13:22:23 -0800
A little WARNING on these images of fireballs. Some of the images that have appeared in these news articles are images taken from OTHER fireball articles on the Internet. For example, at this site:,
there are three images, supposedly representing the Indian fireball. The first is obviously artwork. The second and third, however, appear to be actual photographs of fireballs. But these specific images have existed on the Internet for YEARS. A good way to check this is with Google Images. Drag and drop any photo, like the ones at the above website, onto the Google Images search tool, and it will find matches if they exist. For example, this image:
is a perfect match for the second photo at the site above. I don't know where this photo originated, but apparently it is at least five years old. It's not a photo of the Indian fireball. This is normal ultra-fast, Internet, pseudo-journalism in the 21st century.

Frank Reed
Conanicut Island USA
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