Re: Important STARLINK observation from Carefree, Arizona USA

From: Thierry Legault via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2020 20:57:40 +0100
hello, Jan 25th I filmed 3 successive Starlink, 
including the "darksat" in the middle, while they 
crossed Cassiopeia very close to zenith. No 
significant brightness difference, but I don't 
think they have reached their final orbit yet.


At 06:23 02/02/2020, Brad Young via Seesat-l wrote:
>I had the exact opposite experience on the 
>previous pass. U was 3rd magnitude on a very 
>good (75 deg NE) pass, as were all of the train 
>surrounding it. I had someone email me asking 
>what all those satellites were, and she stated: 
>┬ "looking tonight for Pan Starrs T2 and saw 35 
>aprox satellites flying in formation 10┬░ 
>apart,┬  three parallel, sheparding.┬  Came up 
>about 40┬░ WNW below Cassiopeia heading almost 
>90┬░? overhead to the East.┬  Was counting as 
>they came up so didn't see them fade in the east 
>in the trees.┬  Let me know what they are 
>Please." Given that P, U, and B were displaced 
>parallel off the train for us, I take this to 
>mean she also saw U as one of the 3 (the 
>shepherds) and made no distinction if one was 
>dim. As she is a Master Observer, she would have 
>said something. Also, noticed the ones in the 
>later train (D, S, C, E) were not the brightness 
>expected or predicted; D and E were bright at 56 
>and 44 deg in W, whereas the others, falling 
>between them, were only seen in binoculars. All 
>data to be posted soon. Brad Young PE Advisory 
>Consultant ConsenSys Space Visual: Oberwerk 8 x 
>40 Mariner┬ binoculars Meade ETX-125┬  22" f/4.2 
>UC Obsession COSPAR 8336 =TULSA1 
>+36.139208,-95.983429 660ft, 201m COSPAR 8335 
>=TULSA2 +35.8311┬  -96.1411 1083ft, 330m Remote 
>Imaging: MPC I89 COSPAR 7777 38.165653 -2.326735 
>5150ft, 1650m Nerpio, Spain MPC Q62 COSPAR 7778 
>-31.2733 149.0644 3400ft, 1122m Siding Spring, 
>NSW, Australia┬  MPC H06 COSPAR 7779 32.92 
>-105.528 7298ft, 2225m Mayhill, New Mexico 
>USA┬  MPC 323 COSPAR 7782 -32.008 116.135 984ft, 
>300m Perth, WA, Australia On Saturday, February 
>1, 2020, 09:08:10 PM CST, PAUL MALEY via 
>Seesat-l <> wrote: Moments 
>ago I observed the P piece from the January 6 
>STARLINK launch at 02:45:49UT Feb 1 followed at 
>02:48:23 by the U piece.┬  The latter is the one 
>that is reported to have a dark coating. Both 
>objects are now in their operational orbits 427 
>x 429km. The P spacecraft appeared at about 
>magnitude 4.0. The U object appeared at 
>6.5.┬  Both were observed at the same phase 
>angle on an ascending pass. This was not the 
>most favorable phase but the fact that two 
>objects are so different in their reflection 
>characteristics would suggest the dark coating 
>is working.┬  Elevations were 58 deg and 53 deg 
>respective above azimuth 274 at a range of 
>between 500 and 533km prior to shadow 
>entry.┬  It is suggested that additional 
>confirming observations be made and if the 
>weather holds on, I will make such an attempt 
>tomorrow. Paul Paul D. 
>Maley┬ email: 
>Seesat-l mailing list 
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Thierry Legault

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