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From: Dr. T.S. Kelso via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 03:38:12 +0000
I will just offer that I asked the question on launch numbering of Dave Goldstein, the head of special programs at SpaceX (responsible for Starlink) on the last launch. He told me to use Starlink-4 and apologized for the confusion that SpaceX had caused with the initial numbering. That is what I did and will continue doing.

I have checked the SpaceX web site and could find NO mention of any of these launches by number.

As noted in the tweet, I preceded the numbering by stating that this weekend’s launch is the fifth launch to try to clarify the rationale for our numbering. Hopefully that clears things up, but I can’t control what others decide to use for naming and switching around won’t help, either.

BTW, please note that the deployment times for this launch is significantly different from past launches. Deployment is set for ~15 minutes post launch—over the mid-Atlantic instead of south of Australia. We are not adjusting TLEs from past launches to produce the SupTLEs on CelesTrak—these are generated directly by propagating the state vector provided by SpaceX and then fitting it to a TLE using a validated version of SGP4.  - TS

Dr. T.S. Kelso

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Starting with 1001 (1000) would help sorting on object names in predictions
(or TLEs)
(Starlink 101 would be alphabetically BEFORE 1-99)

torsdag 13 februari 2020 skrev ronlee--- via Seesat-l <<>>:

The first launch was Version 0.9 of the satellites.

Subsequent launches are version 1.0 of the satellites.

I wish they would renumber them starting with one for the first

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