NEAR NLR test not tonight

Joan and David Dunham (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 10:36:32 -0500

The NEAR laser ranging test described in yesterday's message will not 
be conducted tonight - overcast and probably snow is forecast for
tonight in the region of the Goddard Optical Facility.  The weather
is supposed to improve Sunday, so the test may be conducted Sunday
evening, 1998 Jan. 19, 0:52 to 6:44 U.T.  If so, finder charts will
be placed on the IOTA Web sites for the event tomorrow.  The world 
views as seen from NEAR, showing the part of the world facing NEAR at 
the start, middle, and end of the test, are on the NEAR Web site given
in yesterday's message.  Those were computed for Jan. 18, but they
will be valid also for Jan. 19 UT.
     David Dunham, IOTA