NEAR observations

Joan and David Dunham (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 10:35:08 -0500

Below is Alain Maury's message reporting the first optical 
observations of NEAR this year.  I apologize for misspelling
(inadvertantly Anglicizing) his name in my message earlier 
today.  Carl Hergenrother also imaged NEAR last night, at
Jan. 22.27 U.T., with the 48-inch telescope at Mt. Hopkins,
Arizona, and confirms Alain's magnitude.

David W. Dunham, NEAR Mission Design

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 23:16:11 MET_DST
Subject: Positions of NEAR. Need for more observations ?

Gareth, Brian, and David :

Here are some positions of NEAR. . .

The position obtained is certainly not tip top since the image
is not very bright and is elongated ( 60 seconds exposures ).
Do you have other reports ? is it worth continuing observations.
Tonight is not an ODAS night, but rather a night for CNES, supposed
to detect Space debris. I guess NEAR does not qualify yet :-)
These are the first measurements of a series of 15 frames which
I can reduce if need be. I can also take more frames later in the
night. Just let me know.

COD 910
CON OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey (O.D.A.S.)
CON A. Maury, O.C.A., Observatoire de Nice, B.P.229, F-06304 Nice, France
CON []
CON G. Hahn, DLR - Institute of Planetary Exploration,
CON Rudower Chaussee 5, D-12489 Berlin,Germany
CON []
OBS A. Maury, D. Albanese, M. Hoffmann, G. Hahn
MEA A. Maury, M. Hoffmann, G. Hahn
TEL 0.90m Schmidt + CCD
ACK ODAS Batch 008 (Jan. 98)
     NEAR   * C1998 01 21.76928 05 24 36.09 +21 08 10.6          19.4 V
     NEAR     C1998 01 21.77153 05 24 35.21 +21 08 16.7          19.0 V
     NEAR     C1998 01 21.77353 05 24 34.39 +21 08 21.8          19.2 V