NEAR observed, Texas

Paul L. Sventek (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 02:15:21 -0600

Observed NEAR from several miles WSW of Columbus, Texas (29 deg 40.06 min N,
96 deg 38.97 min W). This was as far west as I had to go to get out from
under clouds which kept the Houston area apparently clouded out for the

Observed naked-eye, and at no time did NEAR get any brighter than 3rd
magnitude. I haven't reduced the tape recording (with WWV) yet, but if my
memory serves me right, I started to "notice" something some seconds before
the 12:37am glint time I was expecting. My skies were quite clear,
certainly 5-6th mag naked eye. 

Paul L. Sventek