decay? mid-US, 99/01/09 02:19 UTC

Bill Carson (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 22:08:44 -0800

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I was out tonight and seen a large fireball. the time was bout 8:20
central time. It first came into sight about 30 deg above horizon. This
thing was visable for probably 10 to 15 seconds. I could also see
material burning off. I counted about 3 streams / tails of material
following being burt off.
Can anyone give me an idea of what it was.  thanks.  Rod Beverley

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From:  Mark Davis <>

I received a separate report just a little while ago of a fireball at 8:19
CST from Bemis, SD. He estimated the duration at 10-11 seconds, and stated
the fireball originated out of the constellation Gemini.....

Mark Davis


I was looking almost due west. It passed from right to left. This thing was
brighter than jupiter and was viible even through the slight haze. I am
located about 100 miles west of Chicago. I viewed this while I was in my car.
I don't think it was a satelite, I have viewed many and this thing didn't
resemble a satelite.

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