More Gorizont 14

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 13:41:43 -0800

Hi All,

More timing data on Gorizont 14.  This flashing GEO was close
to culmination last night (about 53-degree elevation in the
south for my latitude).  From now on it will be getting lower
and lower as it drifts west.  Southern Californians should
still be able to see its flashes for a few more days.

With clear skies last night, I was able to time flashes for
over 75 minutes starting at 8:54pm PST (UT-8).  Brightest
flashes were +5.5, and it was still flashing to mag +6 when
I quit.  I measured 54 periods in 4596.25 (+- 0.2) seconds
for a flash-period of 85.116 +/- .004 seconds.  Two nights
ago the period was 85.155; 112 days ago it was 87.32.  This
is nice consistency:  the period is decreasing at a rate
of 0.01968 seconds per day.

PPAS-format report:

Gorizont 14, #17969
87- 40A 99-01-14 06:11:16.4  RM 4596.25 0.2 54 85.116  mag +5.5 --> inv