Ir 27 tum & Lac 2

Jim Nix (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 07:48:46 -0600


    Well the morning passes (S to N) of Ir 27 tum are not as spectacular
as the evenings
(N to S) with only one major (-7) flash and a few smaller flashes.  I've
had two more
observations if Ir 27 tum since the 16th and will get a few more. I
continue to notice the 4.?? sec period even in the lesser min's and
max's and I wonder if this indicates a 12.?? actual period since there
are 3 MMA's (or is it 4. in which case a 16.?? rotation period).

    Has anyone seen Lacrosse 2 lately.  There was a predicted pass this
a.m. at mag 3.5
at Vega and it is usually brighter than prediction, however, I couldn't
acquire anything.
Does this bird have a stealth mode?