Re: Superbird (Corrected times)

Ron Lee (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:35:45 -0700

Actually you did not observe the peak time that Rob predicts.  If you
had, you would have seen brighter flashes spaced at about 11.5 second
intervals.   However, you report does confirm the approximate time
of the brighter flashes.  Thanks for your report.

Ron Lee

>Just observed flashes from Superbird A with 10x50 binoculars: 4 flashes of
mag 5 
>to 6 centered on Jan. 23, 2:50 UT. Flashes were brief (< 1/3 sec.);
>between single flashes 21 sec.(+- 3 sec.).
>Start of observation 2:49 UT; clouds made further observations impossible
>3:00 UT. Due to circumstances the timing data are uncertain to +-2 minutes.
>Obviously the flashes occured at the early edge of the time window
calculated by 
>Robert Matson (THANKS for your alert message!!).
>Gunnar Glitscher, Darmstadt, Germany           
>49.9N, 8.6E, 120m