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Date: Mon May 30 2005 - 15:41:44 PDT

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    ALEC MUFFETT wrote:
    A.M. > Internet:
    A.M. > I want to try my hand at writing some (Linux Java)
    A.M. > satellite prediction software, with an eye towards telescope
    A.M. > control once the bugs start to get threshed out.
    Hi Alec,
    To put you in the picture, a good WEB reference "book" is:
    The SGP (Standard General Perturbation) theory is the "standard" way
    to mathematical model and predict earth orbiting satellites.
    To "cut code", a good way to start is the following address.
    Because you are thinking of LINUX, look at the following in the
    above address:
    Real-time orbit simulation program with color graphics displays
    for Unix and Linux systems running X11R5.  Controls antennas and
    radios.  Also features a batch mode for prediction of passes
    over specified ground stations.  Includes source code in C.
    Written by Manfred Bester, W6/DL5KR.
    It has the source code to get you under way !!!
    I recently wrote some GPS TLE software (my Southern Hemisphere
    Winter project).
    One program I wrote for this project was to "determine" the
    accuracy of "predictions" outputted by (SGP4) TLE software.
    Using IGS GPS ECEF data (accurate down to centimeters), the
    program converts that to LLA format to allow "testing" TLE's
    etc. If you were wanting to test the accuracy of your code, then
    you would be welcome to the program to test your "prediction"
    Drop me a line if you like.
    Regards, Kiwi Geoff....
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