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Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 08:07:04 PST

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    Hello everyone!
    	I saw Mir...No, I saw ETS-6 January 5 with its amazing flashes. First, I
    saw only one max  then a secondary max appeared then two then three!
    Suddenly, one of the secondary max turned to a very sparkling flash. I left
    the binocs and watched with naked eyes and really the flashes were easily
    visible. Then the flashes turned back to a flare.
    	Here are the results in PPAS format :
    94- 56 A 00-01-05 18:25      MJ  758.7 0.1  67 11.3   A'A', flashes
    	I agree with Ed'suggestion of "ETS-6 watch" and I'm ready to take part. The
    next time, I'll record exactly the time of beginning and end of the flashes.
    4°05' E  49°36' N
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