Mir and Shadow Entry Q

From: nixj@bellsouth.net
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 08:32:50 PST

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    Jan. 11, 2000
    after the clouds....(actually one sheet of overcast manifested just before sunset,
    the only cloud in the southeastern US. I could, after sunset, see clear sky from the
    horizon up to ten degrees all the way around the compass)...odd.
    Mir- Shadow entry predicted at 00:43:22 to 00:43:32, observed until 00:43:42
    at mag 2.0, I ceased observing and missed actual shadow entry as I was making 
    notes on its apparent "collision" with Cosmos 925 rk.  They actually appeared
    to merge at 00:43:29.62, quite a sight in binoculars both near 2.0.  
    They were only 76 km apart on the meeting based on ranges from obs site.  
    Article in local paper about the U.S. company (Golden Apple??) trying to keep Mir in
    orbit, apparently they've made a 7 million payment on the 20 million deal, story
    by Hearst.
    Sorry for this question, (as I believe it was addressed recently on the 
    list, although I can't find it),  is there any reason for noting time 
    of shadow entry?, does it tell the analyst anything about a decaying orbit?
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