Re: Mir and Shadow Entry Q

From: Bob Jones (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 06:25:02 PST

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    I enjoyed a great MIR pass over SE Virginia last night.
    Predicted mag was just about right and MIR entered eclipse
    exactly as predicted by Heavens Above's web page, to the
    second.  I inserted coordinates in the address line for a
    friend in Raleigh, NC and emailed the prediction to him and
    he saw the pass also in Raleigh.
     No problem here (on a bright, high - 88 degree - pass).
    Regards to all.
    --Bob Jones
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    Subject: Re: Mir and Shadow Entry Q
    > have not been able to view Mir at predicted times.
    location southern
    > california 33.6245 -117.8514
    > i am using predictions for los angeles about 40
    > distance and german prediction using above coordinates.
    > any suggestions?
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