Re: ETS-6

From: Skywise (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 20:37:25 PST

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    Ron Lee wrote:
    > Did anyone else in the US see them?
    > Ron Lee
    I searched for quite some time for ETS-6 and finally found it through
    binoculars as it was leaving Orion. I then followed it for about 15
    minutes through my 6" newt at 19x. I wanted to make my first attempt
    at timing the flashes but the pattern was so complex I could tell which
    flash was which. There was one bright flash about every 11 seconds
    interspersed with various numbers and degrees of smaller flashes and
    flares, but no more than about 4 or so. I was so excited to have found
    the thing at all so I didn't make any notes.
    While searching with the scope I had serendipitously found a bright
    tumbler which I continued to track for a minute or two. I later ID'ed
    it as Titan 4B Centaur R/B using information from Heavens-Above. It is
    definatly tumbling as it's brightness varied smoothly, seemingly
    randomly, and fairly quickly.
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