STS-99 Elset: Great News for UK Observers

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 09:50:38 PST

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    George,  you are in luck. I came up with a rough preliminary
    elset that suggests (IF correct), that it goes almost overhead
    for you just after launch (around 18:05 UT).
    Here is the elset:
    1 99999U 00-00X A 00031.76388888  .00006000  00000-0  00000-0 0    16
    2 99999  57.0000 296.0000 0005000 000.0000 155.0000 16.19000000    10
    It is very preliminary since I had no data to work with other than the
    launch time, inclination and reported altitude of 126 nm.  There is an
    error since I set it to 120 nm. But for the first rev, it is close
    If you do not have a prediction program, I can generate a Skymap plot
    in the form of a JPG if you are interested (email me privately).
    Once better orbital data is provided, I can develop a better elset to
    correct the altitude error and anything else I may not now be aware of.
    Of course if someone else has the data and wishes to supply a prelaunch
    elset, I would not be offended.
    One side note, it would be interesting to see if UK region observers
    might see an OMS burn.
    Ron Lee
    >I understand that this mission is related to radar mapping of the 
    >earths geography-I assume this means that the majority of the 
    >planets surface will be covered-on this basis does that mean the 
    >shuttle will have a high inclination orbit, and if so what are the 
    >chances of observation from the UK-I would imagine that any (even 
    >notional) predictions are difficult until after the time of launch with 
    >observers in the USA being the first to analyse orbital data?
    >George Amos-station 2453 350 feet above sea level
    >53 degrees 23 minutes 49 seconds North
    >2 degrees 4 minutes 57 seconds West
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