Re: Iridium Flare predictions limitation or bug?

From: Starparty (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 19:05:05 PST

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    > First I assume you are referring to the Heavens-Above site?
    Yes... the Heavens-Above site. Great site too! I don't want anyone to think
    I'm complaining... :-)
    > Several months ago I gad a similar experience. I assumed it to be caused
    by too much tequila on my part. I will try too reload flare predictions as
    > the predicted time approaches and see when the "disappearance" occurs.
    This may take a few days.
    I just checked again and the pass now shows up on the past 48 hours link, so
    it looks like there may be a period of time before a pass and after a pass
    where it doesn't show up on the expected page. I thought it might be a time
    error on the server, but there seems to be a lag between the time it
    disappears from one and appears on the other. Perhaps once the pass starts,
    it goes into prediction limbo and moves over to the past page once the pass
    is completely over?
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