Re: OIG/GSFC Y2K 1900 decay dates

From: John Gardner (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 16:04:11 PST

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    On Sun, 16 Jan 2000 13:57:34 +0100 "Bjoern Gimle" <>
    >>My program's converted format
    >>07847U   DELTA 1 DEB                1972-058T   01/05/00
    >>22564U   ATLAS 1 CENTAUR R/B        1993-015B   01/06/00
    >Pardon me, but I agree with earlier posts that the US standard
    >format is abominable:
    >In a text sort, you need two sort keys to sort on dates.
    >(otherwise, a sort program which allows you to specify what
    >format the sort key should use)
    >In 2001-2012, there will be a lot of confusion among people
    >with international contacts/habits.
    Well I was trying to show how a program could ignore the century and
    focus on just the years of it and still be correct...until 2057.
    I guess I goofed.
    I should had made it clearer that "My program's converted format" for 
    dates as mm/dd/yy was what I personally use; which clashes with OIG's
    yyyy/mm/dd.  Point is well taken.  Next time I'll place a mm/dd/yy
    column header above the dates the next time I make such a post. 
    Oh. I see the relevance, but there was no effort made to sort on any
    part of the message.
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