RE: STS99-observation?

From: Brierley David (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 01:20:24 PST

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    > George,
    > If the sky is clear in the UK on the evening of the launch you will
    > have a
    > good chance to see STS-99, and also the external tank which observers
    > in the
    > USA miss because it is on a suborbital flight and re-enters over the
    > Indian
    > Ocean before completing one revolution. The tank is also very bright,
    > and
    > can be distinguished from the shuttle because of its reddish colour.
    > The
    > shuttle should fly over the UK 20 minutes or so after launch, so even
    > if
    > there is a delay, you know roughly when to go outside and start
    > looking.
    Thanks to you and Ron Lee for alerting us in the UK to the possibility
    of seeing STS-99 on its first orbit.  I can confirm that it's possible
    to see the tank, and both objects will be very bright, at magnitude 0.
    In November 1985? there was a 57 degree launch, when I saw both the STS
    and tank in a bright twilit sky.  I remember the occasion particularly
    because the tank passed only 6' arc from Capella, the only star visible
    to the naked eye.
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