Re: Launch Sites from Space

From: Ruben Velasco (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 08:26:33 PST

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    At 17:42 2000/01/16 EST, Christian Schwarze wrote:
    >Is there Anyone out there, who could please supply me further Images or Links 
    >to other Satellite Images of Launch Sites, such as the Pictures from 
    >Baikonur, showing the famous N-1 Moonrocket on its Pad?!?
    There's a beautiful picture of KSC with pads 39A, 39B, VAB, etc. taken by
    STS-90 astronauts. I can email you a 800548 pixels JPEG (34933 bytes) but
    you better find it somewhere on * at a higher resolution. It's
    called S90E5157 and was taken on 1998-04-24.
    Enough off-topic for today :-)
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