Minuteman II Vandenberg Launch Scheduled 6:01 PM PST Tonight

From: Jake Rees (jrburca@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 16:56:38 PST

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    Sorry for late notice but maybe still soon enough for someone unaware to see
    something.  Another Minuteman II launch from Vandenberg Tues. (Jan. 18) at
    6:01 PM PST (0200 UTC) launch window extending until 10 PM
    PST.  Comparing to the spectacular Oct. 2, 1999 Minuteman II launch which
    happened about 15 min. after sunset with clear weather all around, this time
    if it launches at the beginning of the window, the sun will already have
    been set for about 50 min.  So if the display benefits from the twilight
    efffect at all, I surmise it won't catch any sunrays until the missile
    reaches very high altitude.  The Oct. 2 one did have a steep and high
    trajectory, one report saying it went up to 900 miles into space.  I assume
    this one will have the same trajectory.  Another factor this time is that
    there are clouds around but the clouds are not so thick as to make it
    totally hopeless from what I see at my location.
    See for more details:
    -- Jake Rees
        Burbank, California
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