6 Feb 2000 Delta/Globalstar Prelaunch Elset

From: Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 13:03:44 PST

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    GLOBALSTAR, 6 Feb 2000, 21:26 UT Launch
    1 99999P 0000XA   00038.66798723 -.00007082  00000-0 -33879-1 0    41
    2 99999  52.0194 352.4931 0011062 270.1993  89.7943 12.72591009    91
    This was generated using Dave Ransom's ADJ2Line and using an actual
    elset from the 10 Jun 99 launch (launch time 13:48:43 UT).  The 
    program is available from :  ftp://tie.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/dransom/software/
    and is listed as  ADJ0004.ZIP
    First rev takes it over the southern coast of UK so observers in that
    region may get first obs prior to shadow entry around 21:39 UT. This
    assumes it is orbital at that time. I will need to review older
    launch profile data to see what happens when.
    Thanks for waiting.  SECO 1 is about 11 minutes after launch.  Fortunately
    the ISI Consulting site  (http://www.isi-consulting.com/tech/1999/global.html)
    has data for SECO 1.  I will have to work up an elset using that data to
    help the folks in the UK/western Europe try to acquire this object before
    it achieves the final orbit.  You might even see something from the burn.
    Observers in the eastern US/Canada should be able to see a burn around 
    23:22 UT.  But more interesting is the propellant dump that occurs right
    after the last burn.  From Colorado, it gets to naked eye brightness even
    though it occurs over the Great Lakes (US/Canada) region.
    More to follow as I refine the prelaunch orbital and SECO 1 elsets.
    Ron Lee
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