Re: ETS 6 Watch 2000

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 02:05:17 PST

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    Below are the ETS/Kiku 6 (23230, 94-56A) one-power 
    flash episodes that I've observed on its last two 
    evening passes here.  The times are +/- about .05
     3:05:19.18 - 3:06:38.03 (primaries only)
     3:14:48.92 - 3:16:41.32 (primaries & secondaries)
    2000/01/23 (some cloud problems, only primaries seen)
     2:54:14.18 - 2:54:59:43 
     3:03:20.85 - 3:05:02:18 
    Location approx. 30.31N, 97.73W, 150m.
    In each of the last few passes I've seen, the first 
    flashes that I observed of each of the two episodes 
    have been "full strength" (at least +0), and if any 
    difference was apparent, it was mainly that the last 
    ones have been quite a bit fainter.
    I think that the phase shift time that Don Gardner
    has been reporting has been about midway between the
    two one-power episodes per pass.
    Next USA evening pass is Jan 26 UTC (Jan 25 PM USA
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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