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Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 06:34:29 PST

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    As many of you know I'm very, very new to satellite observation and hope
    the sometimes slightly and not so slightly topics I have posted don't
    appear to far off topic. But I noticed again in this weeks TV
    programming 2 satellite related showings. One will be within a couple of
    hours of this post and I know a number of you are linked much closer to
    this tragic events anniversary than I. But since there wasn't a footnote
    I've taken the liberty to add my own* hoping you all won't mind since it
    has importance to those who enjoy looking up at the sky as a hobby or
    Sunday Morning Jan 23, 2000
    12:00 PM EST – DISC – Tragedy: Apollo I - * It seems almost impossible
    that 33 years has past since this tragedy occurred. It happened on
    January 27, 1967. When I heard the bulletin on the radio news on my
    drive home from work. “Gus” Grissom, Ed White along with a relatively
    new astronaut Roger Chaffee would lose their lives on a launch pad.
    I remember reading or hearing on occasion about a test pilot or two that
    might have tragically died. But “Gus” and Ed White? It didn't seem
    possible? These gutsy men who took to the skies on a flaming ballistic
    bullet weren't just ordinary guys, they became household names. Every
    American knew them. Every American knew them like JFK who gave the “Go”
    for them to reach the Moon and too parted in another unbelievable tragic
    When I saw Roger Chaffee for the first time in his space suit and later
    on with his ever-present grin I thought if you would, “what a handsome
    guy”. He didn't seem to have that rough tough look of the original 7
    Astronauts ready to eat up space. So if you happen to see this program
    today 1/23/99 at noon or happen to hear about the anniversary on this
    Thursday, remember the 3 Astronauts who lost their lives in the
    beginning stages of the space program. They were only a few of the guys
    who chanced and chance their lives and have set the stage and so
    instrumental in making the successes we have with many of those objects
    you enjoy watching in our nighttime sky.
    If you would like more information on that tragic loss it can be found
    Also on:
    Friday Evening – Jan 28, 2000
    10:00 PM EST – LEARN – “The Spy Game” Sophisticated Satellite Spying
    tactics may make the secret agent obsolete.
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