Updated 6 Feb 2000 Delta/Globalstar Prelaunch Elset

From: Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 18:25:21 PST

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    GLOBALSTAR, 6 Feb 2000, 21:26 UT Launch
    1 99999P 0000XA   00038.66798723 -.00007082  00000-0 -33879-1 0    41
    2 99999  52.0194 352.4931 0011062 270.1993  52.7943 13.92500000    95 
    Thanks to Dan Deak, the lower than usual orbit has been corrected in
    this elset.  Without an ILAM, I had to get it close to the SECO 4
    position taken from a coarse Earth map.
    This elset should be close enough if you scan cross track and allow
    a few minutes plus/minus.  The SECO 4 burn occurs from 1:51:53 to
    1:52:18 (HR:MIN:SEC) after launch.  The launch window is 30 minutes
    long and if I read the data right, there are actually two launch 
    windows.  The other runs from 17:27 - 17:57 UT.
    The propellant/other liquid/gas dump should occur shortly (soon)
    after the end of the fourth burn.  Shadow entry occurs around 23:23 UT
    which is about five minutes after the burn so there should be plenty
    of time to see it grow.  
    If the launch is delayed XX minutes, look at the same az/el xx minutes
    after this elset predicts.
    Ron Lee
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