Video/Stills of Discovery STS-103 Reentry

From: Jake Rees (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 00:19:33 PST

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    Jim Byrd has posted a video (and stills from it) of the STS-103 re-entry
    over Texas.  He had posted about it in sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe.
    I thought it should be mentioned here also since probably not all on SeeSat
    read the newsgroup.  The pictures are very good.  I asked about passing his
    post on and he doesn't mind so here is Jim's post below.  The video movie
    file is about 12 MB and will take awhile to download.....over an hour for
    me.  But the stills are easy to see.
    -- Jake
    Hello all,
    I want to share some video that I took recently. We were on holiday in
    northeast Texas when the reentry of Shuttle Discovery (STS-103) occurred on
    the evening of 27 December 1999. Fortunately, there had been a waive-off of
    the first landing opportunity so more of the reentry path was in
    twilight/darkness that was originally planned for the mission.
    The video/photo sequence is located at:
    I have been dreadfully busy at this location:
    The Langley 16-Foot Transonic Wind Tunnel
    for a number of years and do not get to observe as much as I would like to.
    We have a small observers group here ~85 who like to see notable passes of
    whatever is interesting to the public. The home page is located at:
    Enjoy the visit. I read this list consistently for the great news that
    appears from the expertise and experiences of those around the world.
    Jim Byrd
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