Re: ETS 6 Watch 2000

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 11:57:51 PST

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    Ed Cannon wrote:
    >Some old and new ETS 6 (94-56A, 23230) data.
    I suspect a pattern from Ed Cannons observation series,
    and one from me and one from Michel Jacquesson.
    The RA of Ed's flash centers moves only about 0.25 degrees
    westward per day. This could be the result of precession
    of the spin axis, but can also be the result of the track
    shifting slightly (-0.3 deg) in declination over the three weeks.
    The observations from our higher latitudes seem to confirm
    this - if the flash trace is inclined about 14 degrees to
    the satellite track, our observations correspond to Ed's
    secondary events ! And the phase shift observed by Ed in
    a secondary event is very similar to the one I observed.
    The tracks' declinations are about 6 and 9 degrees lower
    (at fixed RA) from our respective latitudes.
    If my suspicion is true, it could be verified by
    accurate "simultaneous" flash timings by me, Michel
    and other Europeans, or by US observers at different
    longitudes (or latitudes).
    From lat. +30:
    Ed's primary events moved from around RA 04:01 on Jan.02
    to RA 03:50 Jan.05      RA 03:45 Jan.20    RA 03:40 Jan.23
    (declination +0.5)
    Ed's secondaries on Jan.20 where at RA 05:10 dec.-2.5,
    RA 05:05 dec -2.5 on Jan.23
    From lat. +49:  Michel Jan.14 RA 3:35 -5.5 ? (start)
    From lat. +59:
    My primaries on Jan.23 where around RA 02:30 dec.-7
    I stopped observing near RA 03:50 Dec.-9.5
    Today, Jan.26 I could only see Orion and the planets
    because of thin clouds most of the time.
    I have a SkyMap chart showing a part of Ed's track
    on Jan.26 near RA 04:30. To the right of it are Ed's
    primary events, to the left are his secondaries.
    Michel's and mine are indicated by asterisks
    (SkyMap DeepSky file modified)
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