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Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 17:18:02 PST

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    David Brierley asked for private replies to his query about a
    particular brand, but I thought would respond to the entire
    list, since others may be in the stopwatch market.
    The brand/model of stopwatch that both Ed Cannon and I use is
    the Sportline 470, manufactured by Sportline, Inc. in Cambell,
    California, USA.  It can store 100 split timings and has some
    other bells and whistles that I won't go into.  Over a period
    of one week, it gains about 0.5 second against WWV.  I bought
    mine for about $20 (USD) at a warehouse type sporting goods
    store.  I've been very happy with it, especially considering
    the reasonable price.
    --Sue Worden (
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