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Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 09:11:59 PST

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    >Do satellite burnups have a different color? Another reply told me they have 
    >blue [ion] trails. 
    I'm not aware that colour can be used to differentiate between satellite
    reentries and meteors, either the object itself or its train. Meteoric
    fireballs are much more numerous than reentries and come in all colours.
    Indeed personal perception plays a role, too, with the same object being
    described as different colours by different observers. 
    >But do you think what I once saw was meteor or sat?  
    >I am in Brooklyn, New York City, 40.5770N, 73.9480W. 
    >February or March of1996 (i was looking for comet Hyakutake). Looking North, 
    >I believe. Moved W-->E, Red ball w/ small coma. NO TRAIL. Began in north 
    >about 25-30 degrees above horizon. moved east. went behind a small cloud, but 
    >never came out, in NE, about same elev. 
    >(In otherwords, Feb or March 1996, over the NorthEast United States!)
    Sorry, I don't have sufficient records/elsets for this period. I'd hoped
    someone else might come forward on this one. You don't quote a duration
    for the event which, remember, is an important indicator of a satellite
    vs a meteor.
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