Re: Gorizont 14

From: Jason P Hatton (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 21:01:17 PST

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    Stephen D LaLumondiere wrote:
    > Hi all.
    > I spotted Gorizont 14 (1987-040A, #17969) around 03:50 UTC (2000-01-27).  It
    > was flashing to mag +4 and the maxima seemed to be about a second in
    > duration.  Its brightness varied only slightly over the entire time period,
    > and the flashes were visible from at least 03:50 to 09:31 UTC.  I timed the
    > flash period to be about 85.1 seconds.  Last night was my first for this one,
    > but I hope to see it again tonight.  Here is the most recent tle.
    I've observed Gorizont 14 on a number of occasions & also found that it
    can be a very bright flasher. However, my flash period timings were
    around half of your period, suggesting that only alterate flashes were
    visible from your site, which in turn indicates that two different
    reflective surfaces are responsible for the flashes;
    87- 40 A 00-01-10 20:44      JPH1364.1 0.5  32 42.63  F'F' vm
    87- 40 A 00-01-12 20:12      JPH1278.6 0.2  30 42.62  A'A' vm mag+3->inv
    Alternate flashes are often at least a couple of magnitudes fainter than
    the primary flashes, so it would seem that the zone of visibility for
    "even" & "odd" flashes are different. It may be interesting to try
    observing this satellite at different times of the night to see if the
    visibility of flashes (brightness & prescence / abscenc of alternate
    flashes) varies.
    Best wishes & clear skies,
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