Re: obs of jan 30

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 20:50:28 PST

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    Tony Beresford ( wrote:
    ] the flare from lacrosse3 (2nd line) was most unusual,
    ] perhaps because it was close to overhead.
    I've seen enough flares from Lacrosses that I pretty much always 
    look for them, but I think that the majority of the ones I've 
    seen have been on southbound passes, some of the brightest early 
    in a pass when the object was low in the north.  However, I've 
    definitely also seen them flare near culmination.  Almost all of 
    them have been evening passes, because I don't manage to do much 
    morning observing (and a lot of mornings here are cloudy).  I 
    haven't been reporting Lacrosse flares because I didn't know if 
    anyone was interested....
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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