Gorizonts 14; 17 and 24

From: Wayne Hughes (hughes@dogwood.botany.uga.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 02:38:33 PDT

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    Last night was the first night of clear skies here in Athens GA  since the
    lunar eclipse.  A few hours before dawn I crudely observed Gorizont 14. 
    Not as bright as Gorizont 23 a few weeks ago, but in the 12.5" dob I was
    able to see it as limiting magnitude 13 or 14 intermittently between the
    magnitude 6 or so flashes.  I did not detect any qualitative difference
    in intensity or frequency of flashes in the hour or so before it
    supposedly entered shadow at 07:38 UT.  
    I notice using the latest satellite elements that for observers in the
    US longitudes Gorizonts 17 and 24 will be passing within a degree of
    each other in the half-hour or so starting at 10:23 UT 11 Feb 2000. This
    appears to be a biannual event.  I was able to find prior observations
    for flashing from both of these:  Dan Karcher Jan 98 and Robert Matson
    Apr 99.  Could be an interesting visual spectacle - has anyone observed
    these lately?
    It looks like the earlier close approach of the two at 22:40 UT 10 Feb
    will not be visible from Western Europe.
    Wayne Hughes
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